General Contract Conditions

The website property (included desktop and the mobile device applications) is IBL Consult dott. Claudio Calastri, headquartered in Via Raffaele Morghen 67A-D Postcode 80129 Napoli - P.IVA 07551780633 (as following: "Owner").

Each time you access or use our Website and/or our mobile device application, you are deemed to accept the following terms and conditions. Thus, it is advisable reading attentively all the following sections content as you decide to proceed, access and use our available information services by the our Website and App.

User Status

The use of every service provided by our Website and App (as following: "Service" or "Services") assignes the user status to a utilizer (as following: "User" or "Users"). Generally, the User is not supposed to register his personal data in order to the access to the services provided by our Website or App; however, using some Services may require the User Registration which would be realized in a specific application form with the relative Service.

Most Services provided by the Website and the App are free of any charge; though, there are some other payment Services provided just buying some payment options. As payment options we mean the additional capability and functionality purchased by the User in order to publish advertisements in the Website and App, nevertheless in other Services.

Any issue about invoicing or change and also adjustments of credit notes heading or value, will be managed by the User just contacting directly the IBL Consult of Dott. Claudio Calastri administration at the following email address:

Permitted and prohibited uses

It is forbidden to carry out, directly and indirectly, any kind of commercial exploitation of our Services by the access, the use and the transfer of information included in the Website and the App. The infringement of the prohibition will be prosecuted according to the law. The User recognizes and accepts that the use of the content and/or the use of the services provided by the Website and the App is at own exclusive risk and responsibility.

The User undertakes to use the Website and the App and all the contents and services in compliance with law, with morality, with public policy and according to these contract condition terms. Moreover the User undertakes to do a proper use of the Services and/or of the contents of the Website and the App and not to use them for illicit activities, contradictory to the principle of good faith o criminal activities, to not violate the third rights and/or the regulation violating the intellectual property, or any other legal system rule.

Particularly, the User undertakes not to pass, introduce, spread and make it available for third parties, any informative material and information (data, messages, images, files audio and images, pictures, software, etc.) that are against the law, the morality, the public order and the Conditions. It is forbidden the use of the Website and the App for purposes different from all that required by the Owner.

Furthermore, the Owner reserves the right to not allow the access to the Website and App services or contents according to the honest judgement of his trade policy. In the same way, the Owner reserves the right to revoke the access to his pages without notice to any User violating the regulation of the current legal information.

Intellectual Property

The Owner is the legitimate head of the Website and App, of pages included, of any information or elements contained in any text , documents, pictures, drawing, grafic designes project, database, software, logo, brand, company name and any other mark protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.

If not expressly authorised by the Owner or third entitled person, or if not legally authorised, the User can not copy, transform, modify, decode, spread, share, lease, and make it available to everyone or allow the access by any public commercial form as previously mentioned.

Guarantees and responsibilties

The Owner does not guarantee a continous access or the correct visualization, the download or the use of elements and the information retained in the Website and App pages, which may be arrested, interrupted, obstructed by factors or circumstances beyond his control. The Owner is not responsible for the information or other contents obtained by external sources or Website and App accessable . The Owner does not take any responsability about information, contents, products and services offered and provided by the Website or App through other people or entities.

Neither the Owner nor third providers of information take responsibility for any damages, losses, claims or purchases due to : (1) interferences, interruptions, errors, omissions, telephone malfunctions, delays, arrests, bans, disconnections during the operations of the electronic system caused by deficiency, mistakes and overloads on the telecommunication lines and systems`, or because of any other cause out of control of the Owner, (2) the use of any illegal program and/or harmful an with every type of media, as for instance a virus or similar, (3) the improper or incorrect use of the Owner web sites, (4) the browsing securety or errors caused by an incorrect use of the browser or not utilizing the updated versions.

Dealing with third parties by the Website

The User recognises and accepts that any type of relation - contractual and extracontractual - formalised by announcements Posters and/or others (as following: "An. Posters") or/and third parties contacted by the Web Site and App, as well as any other relative initiative will be User and An. Poster and/or third party exclusive liability. As consequence, it is accepted that the Owner does not have any responsibility for every type of damage related to the parties, conversations and/or contractual obligations with announcements Posters or third natural persons or legal persons contacted by the Web Site or App.

Announcements consultation

The research of information in the Web Site and App and the visualisation of announcements are made by automatic procedure, and in each case the Owner declines any responsibility about the content, the accuracy, the compliance with the rules contained in this Conditions. However, the User can point out illegal announcements, fraudulent, suspicious or not in compliance with the rules submitted in this Conditions ,sending an alert to the editorial staff of the Web Site and App by email, and/or using the dedicated page.

The announcements and the data reported on the Web Site and App are published by companies, trading agents, distributors, clients and operators, more general traders. Publishing them does not involve the Owner approval or endorsement, neither the announcements publication takes any guarantee by the Owner in relation with the content. Thus the Owner is not responsible for the accuracy, correctness, completeness, as well as the legislation on privacy and/or for any other aspect of announcements and data.

Privacy and Personal data protection

Personal data of Users will be treated in compliance with the Privacy legislation of the Owner. For further information, please, inspect our Privacy rules contained in this informative document.


The Owner has adopted the requiredsecurity measures in order to guarantee the secrecy and the confidentiality of the personal data, in accordance with our legislation.


Some pages of the Web Site and App have Cookies, which are small files of data generated in the User or Client computer in order to let our systems remember the language and the Web Site chosen, as well as the characteristics and preferences of User navigation in the first session. These cookies are not invasive or damaging, neither contain personal data, because the only their function is personalising the navigation, as earlier reported. In any event the User may always activate the own browser settings in order to refuse the cookies installation.

For more information see the cookies page.


The Owner reserve its right to ban the access to the Web Site and the App, permanently or also temporarily, at his sole discretion. The Users, addressees of exclusion measures, will be informed about that decision and subsequently they will not able to try to access to the Web Site under a different name or by other Users accounts.

The User will not be liable for any damages sustained, directly or indirectly, by the Owner and the companies controlled by him, as consequence of any breach of obligations derived from the Conditions of Use related to the use of the Web Site and App. Furthermore, the User will leave the Owner undamaged from any penalty, claim or subpoena from third parties, included public bodies, against the Owner, his employees or agents, in response to the infringement of third parties rights by the User utilising the Web Site and App or the relative services in a manner contrary to the provisions of these Conditions.


The Owner reserves its right to revise all that considered appropriate, being able to edit, delete and add new contents and/or services as well as the way to introduce and locate them.


In order to use this Service minors have to get a previous parental consent, or authorised by tutors or legal representative, who will be responsable for all the acts realised on the Web Site and App by minors to them entrusted. However, for some services, just where is expressly indicated, the access will be limited to the adults.

Duration and Period

The free services and/or the contents of the Web Site and the App have an undetermined period: however, if specified, the services including Payment Options have a duration linked to the length of time referred on the page about the publication procedure of announcements on the Web Site and App. The Owner is able to close, suspend or interrupt unilaterally, in every moment and without any notice, the provision of the Service and the Web Site and App.

Applicable Legislation and jurisdiction

Exept all provided by laws not at all flexible, the Tribunal of Naples will be exclusively competent to decide about litigation regarding these Terms of Condition and the relations regulated by the same Conditions.
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Online dal 1997

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