Privacy protection of personal data

Privacy protection of personal data according to art. 13 Decreto Legislativo n. 196, 30 june 2003 and EU regulation no. 679/2016

This information disclosure is made in accordance with the article 13 D. Lgs. 196/2003 "Codex regarding the protection of personal data" and EU regulation no. 679/2016, for the utilizer (as following: "Users" or "User") of the Web Site in desktop and mobile and applications tools (following: "Site and App") owned by IBL Consult of dott. Claudio Calastri P. iva 07551780633 (following: "Owner" and aimed to describe the Web Site and App management mode with reference to the data personal treatment, farther with the purpose to enable the Web Site and App Users to know the aims and the methods of personal data treatment by the Owner when they are applied.

Privacy policy

In his activities, the Owner considers the Users Privacy an essential element to protect. The Owner is constantly committed to research the better protection of personal data, included (in the Web Site and App) the information activities of the Users data treatment and the arrangement of technological measures preventing the data leak, in order to guarantee that the User data treatment takes place in compliance with the law, fundamental freedoms and dignity of persons, obligation of secrecy and personal identity.

Collection of navigation data

The computer systems and the technical procedure and software underlying the Web Site and the App acquire , in normal practise, some personal data of which the transmissions are implicit during the access system and working in respect to the protols in use on Internet.

Everytime the User is connected to the Web Site and the App and everytime the User retrieves or requires a content, the data of access are memorised in our systems, as rows of tabular or linear data.

For instance, this is the list belonging to this category: IP addresses, on domain names of computers used by the Users that are connected to the Web Site and the App, the request by the User browser, in the form of addresses in notation URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), the date and the hour of the request to the server, the method used for the request to the server, the quantity of data transmitted, the code number indicating the answer of the server and other measures related to the operating system and the IT envirnment of the User.

These data could be used by the Owner with the only purpose to obtain anonymous statistical information about the Web Site and the App in order to identify the favourite Website pages of Users and to provide contents increasingly suitable and also in order to control the correct working. On request of the Authority, the data could be used to ascertain responsibilities in the event of hypothetical cyber crimes against the Web Site and the App or their Users.

Types of Users

With regard to the use of the Web Site or the App there are two types of Users: free Users and client Users; so mainly companies, professional traders, distributors, trading agents.

The free Users may access to some services (for instance, limited search partner) also in an anonymous manner, whilst for other services (for example, publishing an advertisement or receive updates automatically) is necessary to register themselves before use.

Client Users access to the services for them after the registration.

Purposes of data trasmission

Our Website and App collect Personal Data in a legal manner, so according to the legislation. Furthermore processing of details will be based on the principles of propriety with the only purpose to provide services as described by the Website and relative App.
Aside from the internet data storage that works automatically , the User could produce on purpose some personal data that will be collected by the Owner only filling in some online application forms adduced by the Website and App. The application forms are different according to the type of Service the User wants to get.
With the professional Operator User the Owner collects the online data on the Website and the App by the direct contact and the contract conclusion. In different pages and screen of our Website and App the User may trasmit some personal data (for instance: email address, name and surname, telehone number, Postcode, all other data). These data forwarding is optional, explicit and voluntary, and involves the subsequent acquisition of the sender email address, necessary to respond to requests and also for the possible purposes of the required specific service.
The personal data which the User will produce will be registered and saved into electronic protected devices and also treated with the appropriate security measures also associating and integrating them with other electronic archives or database.

The nature of these services requires the communication by the User about the Website, the App and the data treatment with the informations about the User guidelines and prreferences, the typology, the general feature; these data with informations and the relative treatment are necessary to satisfy and meet the User requests.
The data collected could be used in order to provide services linked to get commercial proposals and the requests of funding offers by banks or finance company.

The emails sent to addresses possibly in the Websites and App, involves the Owner acquisition of the email address submitted by the User. This email address, with other personal data possibly collected, is necessary in order to provide answers to requests sent and also in order to provide services expressly requested.
Data will be treated in paper and/or electronic form, mainly by the aid of automated and informatized procedures, and these data will be treated directly by the Owner company or by external subjects as responsable e and/or in charge of treatment, data could be treated also by services' company, as responsable and/or in charge of treatment.
Some security measures have been prepared in order to avoid the incorrect or illicit use of data, to prevent the access of other non authorized persons and the data loss.
No data collected on the Website and App is submetted to be spread if not with purposes to provide the service prepared by the Website and App.

About services, the data could be communicated between the interested parties, like the any forwarding addresses published on the announcement and/or the professional profile and/or the company profile.
In every situation and anytime the User could exercise his own rights by art. 7 D. lgs 196/2003 and EU regulation no. 679/2016, sending a communication in written form and/or in other express mode. According to the existing legislation, with reference to the personal data, it will be specifically requested to express the consent (mandatory) to the data treatment and communication selecting "accept" in the form provided.

Provision of data nature

The provision of data is optional, but any User refusal will produce the impossibility to follow up with the requests and also to execute the requested services as in the previous paragraph.

Data treatment system

The Owner will treat the personal data in compliance with the applicable legislation, ensuring full respect for law, contracts and the relative regulation. The personal data registration and processing will be realized in paper copy and computer version so that we can guarantee the data protection for customers safety and privacy. The Owner will treat the personal and process data, directly and also by other subjects who will act as liable, by the Owner structure intern or external, or as in charge.
In compliance with applicable regulations, it is active an antispam verification system on the communications carried out by the form announcement board made available by the Users. The data inserted there could be verified with the only aim of detecting illicit activities or contents not conform to the Service General Conditions, but the data will not be treated anyway or communicated for commercial or promotional purposes.

Data Security

All personal data collected are committed to privacy protection by phisycal and logical processes such as that they can minimize the risks of not allowed access, desruction of data, according to D.Lgs. 196/2003 and EU regulation no. 679/2016, with the attached "Disciplinare tecnico".

Data communication and dissemination scope

Data provided by the User will be communicated and used only by the Owner and any company appointed responsible for data treatment.
As specified, for some services, data are communicated to companies collaborating or using the Owner services (for instance individual applicants for commercial informations, banks, insurance/credit intermediation and other services connected to commercial aspects), with the only purpose to provide the services requested from the User. In these cases, the companies are indipendent title holders and the Owner is not liable for any data treatments Furthermore, the Owner is not liable for the contents and the compliance with the Privacy legislation of websites not managed by him.

Data Transfer Abroad

We collect and process Personal Data by the Website and by the App. These data could be moved abroad only in order to the application of the services required by the website and the App so far as is necessary and in compliance with all applicable Privacy Legislation.

Informations about cookies, search engine and position data

The cookies' purpose is to accelerate the traffic analysis in Internet, nevertheless making easier for Users the access to services offered by the Website and App and also to provide advertisements useful and relevant for Users. Using cookies, personal data are not transmitted neither acquired nor used tracking system of Users. If you don't want that the information provided are collected by the cookie use, the User may activate a simple procedure currently related to the browser which allows to refuse the cookies' function. As following a providers list authorized to insert cookies on our portal: Criteo, DoubleClick and also other third party systems in order to finalize the offer of advertisements.
Also the information related to the commercial proposals, included in the web Site and also in the App, will be visible in the researches undertaken by intern search engine and could be available for third search engine because the web Site and the App allow indexing own contents by third search engines.
If the page related to the announcement has been already removed, it is possible that the copy cache rimains between the search results for just some days. The search results are not managed by the web Site, but the User can report the page removal and request urgently the update of the copy cache directly to the same search engine.
Using the web Site and the App by the active position survey data, the Site and the App could collect and process information about the actual User position. These data are treated in an anonymous form, in a form allowing to identify personally the User, and utilised only for the purpose of making easy the use of some web Site and App functions related to the positions. The localisation services can be activated or disactivated by the User in every moment accessing to the own device settings.

In order to get more information it is advisable to consult the cookie page

Duration of treatment

The data treatment will last as long as the necessary time to satisfy the collection purpose, namely: the retention criteria research, the notification, the publication of announcements and professional contacts.
The treatment will be until the interested person will reset all the data filled in, by a communication to the Owner.

Rights of the data subject

The art. 7 of the above mentioned d. lgs. 196/2003 (Privacy Code) and EU regulation no. 679/2016 confers the User the exercise of specific rights. In particular, the User has rights to obtain the confirm of existence or not of personal data, even if not yet registered, and to be informed if these data are available in a intelligible form.
There is the possibility, furthermore, to ask the data origin, logic, purposes and methods about data treatment and also the identification details of the data treatment Owner, Responsible, and of subjects/categories that can receive data or that can be informed about as Government Representative, Responsible or Delegate.
In order to obtain the cancellation, the transformation in an anonymous form o the block of personal data treated violating the law or the duty of updating, of amending or, if required, the data integration; in all these cases it is possible to take place against the mentioned treatment, for legitimate reasons.
All the rights of the User are disclosed, also their contents, to the same people who received the data communication and spread.
In order to exercise the rights, art, 7 of D. lgs. 196/2003 and EU regulation no. 679/2016 the User could address:
IBL Consult Dott. Claudio Calastri Via R. Morghen 67 a – cap 80129 NAPOLI

Treatment Owner, responsibles and delegates

The Owner of treatment is IBL Consult Dott. Claudio Calastri in person of its legal Owner, legal representative pro tempore, cooperating with others, his responsables of the treatment in order to achieve the mentioned purposes. Actually the Responsible is Claudio Calastri. Moreover, the Owner has charged his employees and collaborators delegated in the treatment.

Thus, the Subject could address the Owner, in every moment, IBL Consult Dott. Claudio Calastri Via R. Morghen 67 a – cap 80129 ITALY NAPOLI in order to know the updated list od the responsables, to have a clear control on the operation above described, to exercise the rights from the art. 7 D. Lgs. n. 196/2003 and EU regulation no. 679/2016


This information document could be modified. In the case, IBL Consult Dott. Claudio Calastri Via R. Morghen 67 a – cap 80129 ITALY NAPOLI, will be operating substantial changes of the data relative to the User, IBL Consult will warn the User publishing the edited data highlighted on his own pages.
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